Become a dynamic communicator at meetings, conventions or social occasions.

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Control stuttering
Change or modify your accent and or dialect.

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Able Speech swallow and voice Services

Achieving Professional Communication Skills for a TOTAL IMAGE will enhance business and personal relationships. Poor communication skills can result in the dissolution of relationships. The frustration is NOT beyond help.

Certified provider of Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation or Vital Stimulation for Dysphagia and voice disorders. Quality treatment with cutting edge tools for speech, language, voice, cognition, fluency and swallowing diagnostic assessment and treatment. 

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Stop your fear of public speaking.
Improve your vocal quality and projection.

Sharon C. Meier, M.S.C.C.C Speech and Language Pathologist, Vital Stimulation Certified

Facial expressions and gesture are powerful tools in our personal appeal. Optimal vocal usage elevates many performers in their particular communication endeavor. Your ability to” sell yourself” translates to greater success, power and monetary remuneration for your services. 

Be a successful communicator…get your point across.
Improve your diction and grammar.